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About Us

Illinois TESOL-BE is a professional, nonprofit organization which:

  • Promotes scholarship and professional interest
  • Disseminates information
  • Supports research and instruction in the teaching of standard English to speakers of other language or dialect and in bilingual education
  • Cooperates with other groups and organization having similar concerns.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are members of Illinois TESOL-BE?

Teachers, students, administrators, researchers, curriculum developers, tutors, volunteers, parents, consultants, editors and other interested individuals.

I'm interested in the TESOL or BE profession. How do I begin? 

A great way to begin is by joining or volunteering in the Illinois TESOL-BE organization. You will quickly gain experience in the field as well as make lasting connections with other TESOL and BE professionals.

Please view the Illinois TESOL-BE membership webpage for more information on how to join or volunteer.
If you are interested in enrolling in a TESOL or BE program that is located in the state of Illinois, view the School resources webpage. If you would like to browse through online TESOL and BE related journals, view the Online Journals webpage. If you are interested in finding employment or volunteer work in the field of TESOL or BE, view the Job Opportunities webpage.

What professional publication does Illinois TESOL-BE have?

ITBE Newsletter. It contains articles and essay which address all areas of the teaching of English as a second language or dialect and bilingual education. The newsletter also includes announcements, interest sections, reports, and book reveries. It is published quarterly. For more information, view the ITBE Newsletter webpage.

What events does Illinois TESOL-BE hold?

What are the benefits to being an Illinois TESOL-BE member?

  • Subscription to ITBE Newsletter; 
  • Reduced convention/conference fees;
  • Free or reduced admission to workshops;
  • Eligibility for scholarships;
  • Membership in special interest group;
  • Access to job opportunities email list;
  • Access to material exhibits;
  • Access to Member Log-In Area.

What is a SIG?

SIG stands for Special Interest Group. Illinois TESOL-BE has four SIGs: Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Adult Education, and Higher Education.

What do SIGs do?

In the most basic sense, SIGs serve as a conduit for information from the field to the Illinois TESOL-BE board, the standing committees, and Illinois TESOL-BE 's greater membership. SIGs provide a forum for professionals in similar educations setting to meet, exhcage information, network and keep the Illinois TESOL-BE board and membership apprised of issues that concern the SIG.

What if I am interested in more than one SIG?

You can only vote in one SIG, but you are welcome to attend the meetings and activities of as many SIGs as you please. Many ESL-BE professionals work in more than one area.

How do I earn CPDUs through ITBE events?

You can earn CPDU's by attending both of ITBE's fall and spring workshops as well as the annual convention.
For more information on how to obtain Illinois State Board of Education Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDUs), please view Illinois State Board of Education Certification website.