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Advocacy Resources

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TESOL International Association: Advocacy resources.
ACTFL: Be an advocate for language education.

Reading Materials
Staehr Fenner, D. (2014). Advocating for English learners: A guide for educators. Corwin. (A free copy of the Chapter 1 is available here.)
Uysal, H. (2021). Immigrant students are rural students too. Follow the Leader2(1), 42. (Free access through this link)
de Jong, E., & Gao, J. (2019). Taking a multilingual stance: A continuum of practices. MinneTESOL Journal35(1). (Free access through this link)
de Jong, E. J. (2019). Expanding EAL expertise: Taking a multilingual stance. TESOL in Context28(1), 5–20. (Free access through this link)
Office for Civil Rights (2022). Race and national origin discrimination: Overview of the Law. U.S. Department of Education. (Free access through this link)
Office for Civil Rights (2020). Developing programs for English language learners: Legal background. U.S. Department of Education. (Free access through this link)

Audio-Visual Materials
Leung, K. (2018, July). Embracing multilingualism and eradicating linguistic bias [Video]. TED Conferences. (Free access through this link)
Jack, A. A. (2019, June). On diversity: Access ain’t inclusion [Video]. TED Conferences. (Free access through this link)
Kaufmann, J. (Host), & Morgan-Short, K., & Potowski, K. (Guests). (2019, April 4). What will it take for our schools to embrace bilingual education? [Audio podcast episode]. In Extension 720. WGN Radio. (Free access through this link)